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Vaccine Workshop - A Shot of Truth

May. 8th 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Ok...So here it is Kitsap...what you have been waiting for....what you have been asking for! Almost everyday this past month I have been asked questions about vaccines. I have been asked which ones are for what ages? I have been asked what are the risks? I have been asked is it necessary for my children? I have been asked about the link to Autism and neurological conditions. I have been asked what is Tdap, DT, HepB, HPV, MMR, RV1 and etc! I have been asked how do I talk to my pediatrician? I Have been asked what's Thimerosal and should I be worried? I have been asked about delaying vaccines. I have been asked about Dr. Sears schedule. So lets do it...lets have yet another knowledge filled rockin night of vaccines!!


Dr. Nathan Wall will address you for an hour on this rampant conversation that seems to always be an argument. He will answer the questions from above and elaborate on facts you need to know to make the choice for your family. He will present facts not conspiracy. And then he will open it up to the audience for the always Can't Miss Q&A session!

If you have these same questions or your just as confused as every other Mom and Dad then this event is a must for you and the health of your family!



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