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pediatrics.JPGAt Wall Family Chiropractic, we are a family-focused wellness practice.  We feel that there is nothing more important than caring for our next generation.  Dr. Wall  has undergone specialized training in Pediatrics including Neurodevelopmental Pediatric conditions (i.e. Autism,  Aspergers,  ADD/ADHD, Learning Disorders)

One of the most traumatic events that a person will endure in their life is the modern birth process. Pregnancy is a incredibly safe and natural process, but its unfortunate today many health care providers choose to look at it as a "medical condition". Difficulties during the birth process typically only arise if mom is functioning less than 100%. Keep in mind A woman's body is designed perfectly for this process.

Dr. Wall feels that it is extremely important to have your child checked for subluxations as soon as possible after birth, due to the unfortunate problems caused by increased C-section rates, poor infant health and higher mortality rates. The birth process is a very common cause of subluxations, especially a birth process that resulted in many interventions. A Subluxation is a misalignment or lack of motion within the spine that results in stress and ill health in the body. Chiropractors are the only ones trained to detect and remove these subluxations, and doing so will help to ensure that ill health does not follow for your newborn. 

 As children continue to grow and as they learn to walk and crawl, play, and become involved in sports. their spines undergo many forms of trauma  It has been said that if an adult endured as many falls as a child does in one day the adult would end up in the hospital.  Many of these simple traumas may again result in subluxations which can be easily detectpediatrics2.JPGed and removed by a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. Wall focuses extensively what he calls the  “3Ts/5Ds” concept of neuro-developmental disorders, where the 3Ts (traumas, toxins, and thoughts) create a neurological “storm” of dyskinesia, dysafferentation, dysautonomia, dysponesis, and dys-connected… and how that is often a sure-fire recipe for many childhood issues. In each child the perfect storm can show itself differently. Dr. Wall will work with you and explain the neurology behind the storm your child may face.

Providing parents with all the information they need concerning health and wellness is another essential part of our pediatric care.  From child nutrition, exercise, ADHD, diabetes prevention, Asthma, Colic, Bed wetting, stress reduction or anything else. Dr. Wall and the staff at Wall Family Chiropractic are committed to providing you with complete wellness education that gives you the answers you need!


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