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These families are Defining Better with Wall Family Chiropractic.

    Defining Better is not just settling for the same old thing. It is the act of taking back control of your own health. When you and your family are empowered by having control of your health and have a knowledge of how the body is truly designed to be healthy, you are Defining Better! Everyone wants better things; a better car, better shoes or a better house, but we don't usually concentrate on better health until something goes wrong. Defining Better is prevention, vitality and health!

These are some words of the amazing experiences some of our
Epic patients who have Defined Better and continue
to live happier healthier lives!
(ADHD, Pregnancy, Asthma, Health)
Diesel is one of our Rock Star patients. His Mom sat down with us to explain just
how her son's life has changed!
(ADHD, Night Terrors, Speech delay, Eating disorder, Sensory)

I am a birth Doula and originally suggested Dr. Wall to all my clients because of his unsurpassed expertise on the needs of a pregnant woman. When I became pregnant with our fourth I went in to see him myself. He was so knowledgeable and made me so comfortable. He explained to me all the health benefits chiropractic care could provide myself and my whole family. I suffer from Lupus, Chronic Kidney disease, and rheumatoid arthritis and two of my children suffer from severe asthma. In addition to asthma my son had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Since seeing Dr. Wall my children have been able to avoid taking daily steroids for their asthma, my son is most managing his "ADHD" without meds, and I have been able to come off all my TNF blocker meds and steroids while pregnant and remain as comfortable as possible solely on the care I receive from Dr. Wall. He was even able to turn my breech baby after just one go at the Webster's Technique. Even my husband who was a huge skeptic of chiropractic care has emailed me saying he can't wait to get to Dr. Wall and get adjuste when he gets home from deployment. Although all the medical benefits of his care are astounding was sets him apart from any other Chiropractor I've met is how much he truly cares about his patients. You know you have a great Dr on your hands when your almost two year old dances and cheers when you tell her we are going to see Dr. Wall.
- Monica. W

Can we say pure AWESOMENESS!!! Dr. Wall is absolutely amazing and immensely helpful!!! He has helped my 2.5 year olds personality bubble out and reduce her fits (she's mildly autistic). She says that he is her Dr. Wall! You can see the behavioral changes in both my children that have occurred just since seeing Dr. Wall and it is amazing! Not to mention that since I have been seeing him during my pregnancy I haven't had any round ligament issues and my back hurts a lot less. He is so friendly and helpful! AWESOME-SAUCE!!!
- Krystal. P

Dr Wall had changed our lives. I took my 4 day old newborn to him because she was unable to nurse and after one adjustment she could nurse without pain. My son's ADHD behavior had also been corrected through adjustments. I had a back injury that I was suffering from for over a decade and within a week I was pain free. Every time we go to the office for adjustments we are treated like family from the entire staff. Everyone is smiling and makes you feel welcome. It is definitely the place to go!
- Michelle. M

Dr. Wall is the most passionate chiropractor I have had the pleasure of meeting. He truly cares about educating the community and cares for each and every patient he sees. The family plans he offers allowed both me and my son  to be checked and adjusted on a regular basis.

His care for my six week old son cured his torticollis (head tilt) which pediatricians had dismissed as "normal" when it most certainly was not. My son's severe reflux, which was not helped by medication, was also completely cured in a manner of a few short weeks. My son went from having stomach acid-fire breath at least once an hour (which made him cry as much as a colic baby) to not spitting up anymore at all. It was an amazing transformation!! I also believe chiropractic care has saved him from the severe ear infections that afflicted me as a child. I would recommend chiropractic care to all of my friends, but especially Dr. Wall's practice to anyone within driving distance to Silverdale.

I have since moved from the area and have not found a chiropractor as caring and compassionate as Dr. Wall. Nor have I found one with his stellar pricing. Schedule a consultation; I can testify that you will not regret it!
- Michelle. C

Dr Wall is an excellent chiropractor. He really takes the time to teach his patients about the importance of adjustments to optimum nervous system functioning and optimum health. I saw him throughout my entire pregnancy and was so much more comfortable because of it. I even went during labor(!!) to be sure my pelvis and spine were in optimum alignment for delivery. Dr Wall is amazing with both my kids--a spunky 2 year old boy and a cuddly 4 month old girl. After being adjusted, I SEE the difference in my kids. I don't have enough great things to say about Dr. Wall!!!
- Amy. M

I am a birth doula and dr. Wall is the only chiropractor I refer clients too. I was recently pregnant myself and went regularly to dr. Wall. Common ailments like sciatic issues and pubic symphysis pains that I thought I would deal with the whole 3rd trimester were gone almost instantly after an adjustment. I highly recommend all pregnant women see dr. Wall at least once a week throughout pregnancy! Your body will thank you for it, and you will set yourself up for a smooth labor and birth.
- Ashley. J

Dr. Wall keeps our busy family running at our optimal level.We started going a year ago during my pregnancy. I truly believe I would not have been walking and feeling so great at the end of 40 weeks if it were not for him. My daughter (who was diagnosed with asthma) never used her inhaler anymore, her moods are balanced out and her energy is now channeled. As we head into cold and flu season we will continue to count on Dr. Wall to keep our family healthy.
- Alexia. H
Dr. Wall is exceptional!!! He is not only a great doctor - who does amazing work with kids and families, but he's also a phenomenal mentor and colleague. I'm grateful to know him!
- Elise. D

I have seen many chiropractors in my life, but none that compare to Dr. Wall. He specializes in adjusting babies and pregnant women which i can say i have not found with any other chiropractor in kitsap . He hands out to pregnant mommy's his personal cell phone and tells them to call him no matter day or time and comes to you to adjust you and baby after delivery. Can you say any other chiropractor does that?. I can say that without being able to see him i would have ended up with another c-section due to my hip being out of place. Instead i got to have baby 4 natural after 2 c-sections. He truly cares about each person's unique situation. After delivery of my son he came to my house in the middle of the night to adjust me so i could sleep.
He is never in a rush to get you out the door. And will adjust based on symptoms when it is needed. He will answer any questions you have and at the same time doesn't push you. He respects your wishes. His clients are his #1 concern. He also fixed my sons acid reflux, and i am positive that the reason my son has no allergies is do to adjustment from birth on since my others had allergies soon after birth and were not adjusted after birth. He also has helped me figure out some recent health problems i have been dealing with and within one week i was well when a doctor couldn't do anything other than prescribe meds,now i take none. Also he is honest to me that is hard to find these days.please do yourself a favor and let him change your family's lives for ever as he has mine .
- Christine. W

Best care you could ask for. Spends so much time talking to you, and caring for his patients. I went to go see Dr.Wall during my pregnancy and now my little guy who was born via c-section sees him too! I will never go back to any other doctor again!
- Katya. B

I had my first visit with Dr. Wall today. He was very polite and listened to me about my concerns. I felt very comfortable and relaxed.
- Hollie. D
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