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Dr. Nathan Wall puts on an alarming number of free classes for his community. He wants his patients and community to have all the knowledge they need to make the tough decisions for their family's health.

His highly anticipated "Perfect Storm" presentation has a strong focus on the effects of Epigenetics and the neurological problems we see in our children today related strongly to birth trauma and its effects on our children's overall health. Parents who have children with ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Sensory and much More have attended and have found the answers they have been looking for to help their child eliminate the neurological contributor to these conditions and many more.

Some other classes Dr. Nathan puts on are as follows:

  • "The Adjustment" (New Patient Orientation)
  • LIFE: Healthcare's best kept secret
  • Vaccination Workshop
  • Raising Healthy Happy Children
  • Ear Infections and the Myths Behind Them
  • Better Birth (coming soon)

If you have any questions about the classes please contact Dr. Nathan Wall.

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