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As with a lot of things there is not just one simple answer to this. Really this answer is accomplished on multiple levels. Although we must address this on multiple levels of physiology and neurology there is always the underlying root cause with the Central Nervous System.

If we break Autism down or for that matter any issue on the spectrum we find that without a doubt the major system affected in one with this disorder is the Central Nervous System. The Central Nervous System when affected is resposeible for the many challenges we see brought about by this disorder. These challenges could include hyperactivity, attention issues, sleep challenges and behavior problems, social issues, sensory processing issues and more. As those who know about Autism would agree digestive and immune systems are the two other most commonly affected systems with children who suffer from this disorder. The nervous system is so intimately linked to both the digestive and immune system that when damaged we commonly see it contributing to such symptoms as bowel and bladder problems, autoimmune challenges, and more. For us to better understand just how pediatric chiropractic is vital to those children with Autism we will further explain the link between Autism and the common symptoms mentioned with damage to the Central Nervous System as the link.

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